Creative Writing

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Motivation has a huge role when we talk about communication, so we (Ana B., Manuel L. and me) have created this presentation to motivate and encourage students to start writing and speaking.

Hope everyone like it.

Don't be scared

Comics!! Creative stories!!!

Hi guys

Now that we have written some entries your new challenge is to create a comic.

It can be about anything you like. Fiction or non-fiction. 

To do the comic we will be using StoryboardThat!

Have fun and don´t forget to be creative!

Here is an example made by Mrs. Bear

Screenshot taken from "StoryboardThat". "El dragon and the witch", made by Mrs. Bear. Creative Commons Images!

A newspaper article

Hi everyone!!

Today we are going to be journalists!!

Your new challenge is to create a classroom newspaper.

First the whole classroom will come up with an engaging title and logo.

Then the class will be divided in teams of 4 people and you will choose one of the next areas of the school:
1) Play ground
2) Music
3) Physical Education
4) Arts
5) Technology

After that the teams will interview the teacher from each class and some peers in the school to end up with a nice article about the chosen topic and write it on our collaborative newspaper.

We will be using the Make my newspaper tool

Have fun and don´t forget to be creative!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Today's challenge is about interviewing people of interesting subjects.

Listen to the example to know the instructions and my example.

Then you will have to do your own interview.

Topic "Sports"

Always remember to have fun !!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hi students!!

After opening your blog on  write a new entry about the next video.

Your next challenge is to watch the video below and answer the final question.

Video "A story of a young writer"

This video was based on the story board: The story of a young writer

Welcome to the Creative Writing classroom


Welcome to a class where you will develop you Creative Writing skills. Also you will learn new content of your English and Science classes. 

I hope you like this adventure!!!

Your first challenge is to create a personal blog in and write an introduction about you.

This way we will start to know each other and start to open our minds!!!