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My experience in the Spring Blog Festival

On Saturday, March 21st, 2015. I attended to an online experience, based on videoconferences with different subjects, all of them about ICT´s.
For me this experience was a different way to learn new things. I´ve been before in video conferences but this time was the first time I was a class where you can interact with the presenter and the other classmates.  
I attended to two conferences. The first one was about on how to create an eBook. María Jesús, our teacher, explained what we are learning in class by describing every task we are doing to end up with an eBook publication.
The second one I attended was about andragogy, this was a completely new term for me. The definition of this term is the art and science of helping adults, as a teacher I loved this definition, because I consider teaching to an art, you have to be motivated, have the vocation and be determinate to help others.
I’ve learned a lot with this conference and I believe it is a great way of learning because we can do it from home and it´s open to all the public.

My first conference in the Spring Blog Festival

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